Weddings in Santorini

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There is no better way to celebrate the most romantic day of your life, than a romantic wedding in Santorini.

Wedding in Santorini island

Here on this romantic island we invite you to come and get married…
Just come and leave everything else to us… We know very well how to make your marriage unforgettable…
Iliovasilema hotel is unique and this is the word that has to be used in order to describe how your marriage should be… A pleasant and clean environment, with all the facilities you may need and a smile, since your life as a just married couple has to start with a smile… Our Civil Ceremony services package has been designed to provide the standard inquiries as outlined below. The Iliovasilema team will be more than happy to accommodate any individual preferences upon request.
WEDDING SERVICES – Total cost: 2,200 Euro
Marriage Legalities
We handle all necessary arrangements regarding all Town Hall services including document filing, marriage License registration, Celebrant services and Government / Administrative fees. We will be more than happy to provide official witnesses for you.
Wedding Day Logistics (processional & recessional)
Let us ʽworryʼ about those little details that contribute to a successful wedding ceremony. A coordinator will work behind the scenes as well as on-site preparing, setting-up and supervising the flow of your event. We will be Double- checking and improving any details as needed, instructing attendants of their duties, and create a detailed itinerary of events for you inclusive of useful phone numbers.
Photographer Services
We cannot allow you to go home with your most unique experience simply etched in your memory. You will leave Santorini with a CD-ROM containing 60 high resolution photos.

Planning your wedding day

Bridal Bouquet
Your bouquet will be designed to your specifications and we offer you the freedom to select any flowers for your bouquet. Just tell us what your favourite flowers are and our florists will create a unique bouquet just for you.
Groomʼs Boutonnière
The Groom will be adorned with a beautiful boutonnière made to match the brideʼs bouquet.
Flower Arrangement for the Ceremony Table
A beautiful flower arrangement will be “styled” to adorn your ceremony table adding the finishing touch to your ceremony. This will be with seasonal flowers matching the brideʼs bouquet.
Wedding Décor
An elegant silk or organza tablecloth will dress the ceremony table. Jordan almonds will be placed in an Antique silver tray on the ceremony table according to Greek tradition. A basket with petals will be available to ʽshowerʼ the newlyweds at the end of the ceremony.
Hairstylist & Make up Artist specialising in Bridal Styling
A Professional Hairstylist and Make-up Artist will be at your hotel room on the day of your wedding to create the perfect hair and make-up for your special day!


Iliovasilema Suites welcomes you at the beautiful island of Santorini!